Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Gonna Eat Lighting and Crap Thunder

I'm going in for treatment 5 today, the start of my third cycle of ABVD. I wouldn't exactly say I'm looking forward to it, but let's get it over with. Bring on the poison. 

I had a "bonus" day of normalcy yesterday as my chemo was pushed off a day due to my oncologist's vacation. Because he went away, I got my own little vacation from the chemo recliner. The day was beautiful - the perfect temp and not a cloud in the sky. I set up my "office" outside and felt very accomplished. My work projects are in order, the house is "clean," the bills are paid (rather, at least in a pile of "to be paid"), I've caught up on e-mails and washed all the laundry. I'm ready to curl back into chemo ramificationess. 

Last night was spent under the stars at Simsbury Meadows at the Talcott Mountain Music Festival for a concert of Billy Joel music featuring Michael Cavanaugh, of "Movin' Out" fame and the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. We sang and danced to "Piano Man," "Pressure," and even "The Crocodile Walk" with our gang of T'ville neighbors and their adorable kids. Even better than the show, I got to catch up with many of my former Arts Council colleagues also there on the lawn. Truly amazing people ... it was great to see their always positive faces. Some people just always know what to say and do and that crew epitomizes those skills. 

All in all, it was a great run this time around.  I can't even remember the bad days. Let's hope the strength continues through this bout. Like my idol, Rocky Balboa, I've put in the training ... minus the raw egg breakfast shake .... and am ready to go the distance.  Cue the fight music. Now to face Apollo once again. 

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  1. give 'em hell Karin. Rooting for you.