about karin diamond

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What we give attention to grows, and I want to cultivate my writing with the utmost focus. When I am writing, I feel the fullest, the most content, and the most on fire. It’s not just the act of writing that stirs me. It’s also the act of living as a narrator, of observing the world through a writer’s lens. It makes living that much more purposeful. It makes human connection that much stronger. It creates a life where curiosity has an outlet and contemplation rules. When I live my life seeking stories, every moment is dramatic and contemplative. There is no disengaged existence, but rather all senses are on high alert. I thrive when life is calm and when it is wild, each atmosphere producing its own kernels of stories that beg to grow. Writing gives me peace amid the beautiful chaos of life.

My undergraduate studies in English and Journalism have created a solid complement to my lifelong love for the written word. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism from the University of New Hampshire. 

My career path has familiarized me with the practical applications of writing. I’ve worked as a writer and editor at a city magazine. I’ve also worked in nonprofit arts marketing and most recently, in healthcare marketing, handling internal communications and social media efforts for an area hospital. 

In 2009, at the age of 26, I was diagnosed with stage 4b Hodgkin Lymphoma. The diagnosis came as a complete shock, never mind the advanced stage of the disease. Despite the hardships, what this cancer journey has done for me is reignited my passion for creative writing. I started this blog one month before Hodgkin Lymphoma was anywhere in my realm. Very suddenly, the disease became my world and my writing muse. I've chronicled my raw journey from the beginning. 

My cancer treatment has taken me around the country, but I call the suburban, riverside village of Tariffville, Connecticut my home. I live here with my husband, Craig, and our vivacious yellow dog, Sammy. Together we enjoy traveling, kayaking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, hiking, biking and adventuring. I'm passionate about learning, wellness, people, yoga, laughing at the beautiful absurdity of life, and living with intention.