Friday, November 2, 2012

Visible Ink 2012 Staged Reading Video

After several months of editing, the 2012 Visible Ink Staged Reading was posted to Sloan-Kettering's website. Below is the performance of my piece, "Kitchen Charades." Please visit the program's website and check out the other fantastic pieces of writing staged that April evening – one of the most humbling of my life.  

Visible Ink is a one-on-one writing program for patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center that offers opportunities for self-expression, stress reduction, personal growth, and individual success at a time when many participants face the considerable challenge of a serious illness.

I am forever grateful to the program's founder and my mentor, author Judith Kelman, and the opportunities for creative outlet and confidence building that this program has brought me. I was so honored and in awe to hear my words being performed by Broadway actors that night. Even watching the video and hearing the audience's reaction is still surreal to me. 

Judith and I continue to work together on my writing. I send her monthly stories that we hone and polish together. I'm wrapping up two pieces to submit for publishing and staging consideration for the 2013 anthology and performance. The program gives me focus, purpose and a place of inspiration and comfort. 

My piece ends at 4:30. As it was the last piece to be performed, the closing song is wrapped into my segment as well (also worth a listen).



  1. This is fabulous, Karin!  It's amazing to see your beautiful writing come to life in this way.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it; I definitely did! Congratulations!  

  2. I heard your voice in every word! Kudos!