Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Celebration of Life - October 5th, 2:00

The Celebration of Life event for Karin Diamond is only a few days away. It is shaping up to be a fantastic gathering filled with musical and dance performances, speakers, pictures, food, non-alcoholic drinks, and beer and wine. The collective talent and collaboration for this event is extraordinary and will be unlike any other event of its kind. We are excited to honor and celebrate Karin at this family-friendly event on Saturday. There is no shortage of space for the many people who loved Karin. Here are some details to help you plan.

40 Griffin Road N, Windsor, CT 06095

Please arrive on time for the 2:00 start of the program. Leave yourself time for the short walk over to the SummerWind venue from the parking lot. The seated portion of the program will start on time - this is not a drop in style event. If you have arranged with us to drop off food/drink, you may bring it by anytime Saturday morning or arrive a few minutes early to bring it to the food /drink tables.

There is no dress attire expectation. The program will be held under SummerWind’s beautiful large open sided tent. Dress for the weather and expect the temperature to drop significantly as the sun lowers in the sky. Wear whatever you’d like. FYI, Karin loved the color yellow.

After the seated program, there will be time to sign the guestbook in the adjacent tent, watch the slideshow that will be playing on repeat, view and take printed photograph keepsakes, flip through your copy of the Quotes by Karin book, and gather with friends old and new while enjoying light fare and drinks.

Leave when you need to, or stay as long as you want. When event cleanup begins, you’re welcome to join friends and family at the Cracker Barrel Pub at 30 Main St, Tariffville, CT. This local watering hole is a short 2.5 mile drive from SummerWind where a cash bar for pub food and drink is available. (The after-event gathering at the Cracker Barrel Pub is not to be confused with the similarly named Cracker Barrel restaurant franchise known for savory home-cooked style biscuits and gravy.)

Below is a preview of the program:


  1. Many of us who cannot be there today will be celebrating Karin's life with you all. She was an amazing woman who touched so many lives. Thank you for sharing this tribute to hers.

  2. Ditto what Anonymous said. Holding all of you close to my heart.

  3. I just had the compelling feeling to check Karin's blog and see that her celebration is probably in full swing now. She must be watching from above. We all miss her so much!

  4. I have just returned from attending the Celebration of Karin's Life - it was so powerful, Craig and Karin's family and friends this was so what Karin wanted, so wonderfully presented and so meaningful. Yes the essence of Karin will carry on. The attention to all the poignant details were incredible. The poster size photos of Karin lining the walkway to the tent, the banners with her sayings, the autumn decorations, the boats used as beverage coolers, the prints of photos of Karin for keepsakes, the slide show of her life, the booklet "Quotes from Karin" available to all --- there was much thought and preparation - all to honor and celebrate the life of this incredible woman, Karin Diamond. Those who presented words, dance, music, food (there were even fortune cookies in which the sayings inside were Karin's words!) Yes all who were involved in making this happen - 'you did Karin proud'. Now lets live our lives to make Karin proud as well.

    1. I also attended the Celebration for Karin and Beautiful is all that comes to mine.

  5. I wasn't fortunate enough to meet Karin in person:( However, my foster Mom is fortunate enough to get a chance to be Karin & Craig next door's neighbor. I didn't attend her celebration of live event. However, my foster Mom did, and an hour before Karin's special event began, the sun began to shine:). I truly knew that Karin was signaling us in spirit that she was getting ready to join her loved ones, family, and friends for her special event and the rest of the day remained beautiful as far as the weather was concerned! On 05-October which was another new moon, and in Buddhist tradition, we recite special prayers for all of the deceased and living family members & friends to be free of sufferings on both planes with offerings of insence, fruits, and flowers, and I definitely included Karin on my list! Even though she wasn't around long. She definitely demonstrated her Buddhism way of life by reaching out to many of us while she was on our universe! May you carry on Buddishism in your soul... Nam No A Do Da Phat(3x)

  6. I was fortunate enough to meet Karin and Craig briefly in a professional capacity during their wonderful summer of 2007. Later hearing of Karin's struggle, then reading her beautiful words, I met a lovely soul in her blog. She will go on in Craig and in her family and through her words.

  7. Thinking of your wife, still.
    Miss her posts.
    Wishing you well Craig.


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