Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick Update

I will write in more detail, hopefully soon. I just have not had the energy as of yet.

The stem cell transplant (day 0) went smoothly and I have been recovering since. Not unexpected, I was running a fever in the clinic on Friday and was admitted as an inpatient at Smilow. I've received some blood transfusions and have been getting Neupogen shots every day to help my blood counts recover later this week.

I am very exhausted, not able to eat much, and not able to have visitors besides my immediate caregivers (Craig and the 'rents) or leave the room. My blood counts are nonexistent so so is my pep. However, I am very positive and hopeful for a full recovery. It is anticipated that I'll start to make a turn around on Wednesday (Day +8). Until then, I'm digging deeper and deeper and keeping my focus on a healthy, new start.

Thanks for all the positive vibes and support.


  1. Think of all the good stem cells digging deeper and deeper taking root in you. The cells are like the spring-time seeds, planted, nurtured - then ready to sprout and grow.
    May these good, strong stem cells proliferate in you like violets or lilies - they pop up everywhere. Heal on Karin.

  2. home you can sleep a lot, rest and prepare for a burst of new energy

  3. Dear Karin, I am thinking of you every day. You are absolutely amazing. All the best to you. ;-)

  4. Dig as deep as you can and then dig deeper! Keep this fight going! The finish line is going to come into view very soon! And,Oh how the sun will shine down on you! Lynn :)

  5. I'm thinking of you Karin. There is no doubt in my mind that you'll get to where you want to be, healthier than ever. The deeper you dig, the more strength you will find. You have everything that you need inside of you, including new cells that are doing what they do best -- renewing your body and giving you everything that you need physically. Just visualize them working, envision your new healthy life as much as possible, starting *now*, and your body will follow. You are getting there, step by step. Love you xoxox, lisa b.

  6. Hang in there. precious girl. You are getting there now. Everyone who knows you, and knows of you is pulling for you, and what a mighty force that is. Sending love and prayers your way. Love, Irene