Friday, August 20, 2010

You Have the Power to Save a Life

Friendly reminder and shameless plug in the spirit of stem cell recipients-in-need everywhere.

Tomorrow is the Karin Diamond Stem Cell Donor Drive, which my friends, family friends, and family have put a tremendous amount of effort into organizing in my honor. Our hope is to expand the National Bone Marrow Registry with as many new people as possible so that anyone out there looking for a match has an increased chance of finding one. There will also be a bake sale and a raffle/silent auction. Plus, lots of great people and positive energy. If you cannot make it, you can always order a kit online and register that way. All the information about what it means to be a stem cell or bone marrow donor if called upon is on the registry's website.

Here are the event details once again:

Karin Diamond Stem Cell Donor Drive
Saturday, August 21, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Harwinton Firehouse, 158 Burlington Road (Route 4), Harwinton, CT

Hope to see/meet many of you tomorrow! I hope to be there for as long as I can. However, my immunity is low so I'll be instituting a "no hugs and kisses" policy. Fist pumping only.

If you are coming from afar and want to make a day out of it and do some exploring, here are some Litchfield County sight seeing suggestions (some of my favorite places from childhood - well, not the winery - as this is where I grew up):

Outdoor Activities:
  • Connecticut Wine Trail. Tastings and such: Haight-Brown Vineyard
  • Cambridge Brewhouse: Microbrewery in Torrington with great beers and a good menu
  • Dos Amigos: Small, very casual Mexican joint in Torrington. Cheap eats and great chimichangas.
  • Bachis: Fantastic Italian and nice outdoor patio to dine on (Torrington).
  • Historic Litchfield Center (follow Route 118 from Harwinton): you can walk or picnic on the green or peruse the cute shops and enjoy a great meal at the many downtown restaurants.
  • Peaches & Cream Ice Cream: Arguably the best ice cream spot in Connecticut (right up there with Simsbury's Tulmeadow Farm.) Craig and I both scooped ice cream here and it's actually where we first met circa 1998.


  1. karin-i'll bet none of your doctors ever taught you how to fight cancer with food. no chemo, rad, or other drugs are needed. please consider contacting me. i teach my patients how to prevent/reverse cancer and other chronic diseases and think i can be of benefit to you and your family. 775 223 8260 dr.gbh

  2. Karin, you are great to give a selfless shout out. Hope you feel well enough to come for a bit tomorrow but if you want we can also "skype" I will bring my netbook with me. We should have a fabulous turnout, all because you inspire so many people. Have a good rest tonight.

  3. We'd love to join you but are in Maine. We both signed up for the registry a few weeks ago, though, in your honor. It's so easy. Everyone should do it. Love to you both.
    Rie & Michael

  4. Just got back from the drive, My husband joined today and I am already in the database. I am an oncology nurse at CHH and had the most amazing patient encourage me to join a few months ago. I wish you and your husband all strength and patience needed to fight this. You are in my prayers.
    The Starr Family
    Harwinton, CT

  5. i didn't realize how easy it is to get tested. i just looked it up. you are awesome. i'm thankful for your raising awareness.

  6. Karen..Just met you today at the drive( I was with the Southwest teachers). You are a beautiful person. You and your family are constantly in my prayers.