Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Turnaround

In tandem with Linda's incredible strength and spirit, all of the collective prayers and positive, healing energy have made a tremendous difference. She is out of the ICU, now recovering at the hospital in very good spirits, breathing on her own and enjoying foods that don't come from a tube. Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and for taking the time to send your healing energies her way.


  1. Thank God! Keeping ALL of you in my prayers!

  2. karin,
    have been following your blog sine the beginning...originally saw the article in hartford mag. had told you that my daughter was diagnosed within a month of you, with Hodgkins and also treated at HH....your blog is great...inspirational and am praying for this experimental treatment to work...my love to you.
    great interview on TV30...

    Jaime Seltzer

  3. Karin,
    you are strong,and beautiful,and a wonderful writer! I'll be thinking of you every day...

    your cousin, Randy Brothwell