Saturday, February 11, 2012

Less Stuff

We don't have the radiologist's read on yesterday's PET Scan report yet, but upon initial review, Dr. M says that it looks "overall better." She said that the radiologists will describe it more eloquently with their write up, but joked that her official summary is that "there is less stuff."

Less is more for sure.

She pulled up yesterday's PET Scan on her computer next to last month's picture and walked my mom and I though the comparative intricacies. Most all of the spots of concern have reduced in size or been eliminated. There are a couple spots that look more enflamed, but the many more spots that are less prominent outweigh those, giving me an overall improved report.

We did a lot of smiling, laughing and rejoicing. Any positive news is a big step forward and warrants some celebration. It's been a long time since I've had a PET Scan report lean toward improvement; it is such a relief. Anything is better than hearing that things look worse.

My case will be presented to the entire Sloan-Kettering Lymphoma Board at their meeting next Wednesday. This team includes all of Sloan's lymphoma gurus and specialists – including Dr. Sauter who will bring in the transplant perspective. They will look at my most recent sets of scans to try and determine what might be happening inside my body. They will also listen to Dr. M's presentation about the several continued treatment options we discussed and will offer their thoughts on the best course.

This team approach is why I chose to have my care performed at Sloan-Kettering. Having the details of my case again reviewed from many possible angles at this critical point will be key. Each doc brings his or her own background in research and patient experience, and I'm so fortunate that my case will be at the center of next week's conversation. I wish patients were invited to these meetings. I'd like to sit at the head of the table, listen in, and take furious notes.

I'm eagerly anticipating the call Wednesday or Thursday with further thoughts on what my scan means and what my future options are. Until then, I'll be enjoying a few days of freedom and will continue riding this wave of positive news.


  1. Thank all the powers that be for this bit of good news. You need this. It is time. Bless you, Precious Girl, as you go through this waiting time. I wish you strenght, calmness, and the gift of healing. Irene

  2. My heart is bursting open with joy and it is not even Valentine's DAY yet.
    YEE HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!