Sunday, June 7, 2009

Benefits of Being a Bald Chick

  • I'm saving so much bank on shampoo and conditioner
  • No need for sticky products like hairspray, mousse, gel for body, gel for flattening, anti-frizz serum, leave-in conditioner, fly-away smoothers or split end treatments 
  • My getting-ready time is cut by 80%. Think about it ... not having to do your hair in the morning?
  • No more turning around half-way to work to drive back home and double check that I did in fact unplug the hair straightener 
  • No more highway hair. I can drive with the windows open without fear of a snarled mess
  • No more dealing with salty, sticky, sandy, matted hair at the beach. I can swim without post-dip reservations. And, no worries about highlights turning green in chlorinated pools
  • No roots
  • No long afternoons at the salon ... ok, maybe I'll miss that a bit 
  • No crying after a bad haircut
  • No hair-filled dust bunnies flying around the bathroom
  • No more sore shoulder muscles from balancing the blow dryer in one arm and round brush in the other 
  • No more hair getting sucked into the back-end of the blow dryer filter, or dodging the occasional spark shooting out of it 
  • No more dealing with my baby bang flyaways that arose in the most mildly humid weather
  • No more bad hair days 
  • It's not just my head that is losing hair ... just think of the savings on razors and waxes
  • I get to grow my hat and scarf collection and experiment with new looks from African goddess to punk rocker
  • No more busted bobby pins, snapped hair elastics or alligator clips with missing teeth 
I've quickly grown to embrace my baldness, my newfound natural rawness. Fussing over updos and frying my hair with straighteners and chemicals is over and now I can concentrate on more important things ... a lesson that I'm sure will serve me well for years to come. Bald ain't so bad. It's kind of growing on me, pun intended.


  1. Just one more part of you sparkle and shine, my friend. Your head now matches your smile. Rie

  2. I love the razor comment. You are too funny!

  3. You continue to be quite an inspiration. So much so that our daughter has now vowed to grow her hair ling enough "so karin can have a wig." Hugs and love to you both - - two of the most beautiful people we know. xoxo Kim & Jeremy