Friday, February 4, 2011

This News Calls for Double Dream Hands

Dr. Moskowitz: "We are very pleased with your scan results."

Me: "Really? That's so awesome! This is such great news. I was freaking out all day!"

Me after I hang up phone: "Holy F*%&!!" (after I triple checked that the phone was disconnected). Then I did an Irish jig and nearly fainted.

Report summary:
  • There is a near complete resolution of the active nodes in my chest
  • My spleen is no longer lighting up
  • The area showing uptake in my upper back is resolved
  • All areas of cancer activity in my bone have "decreased nicely"
In short, all of the areas of cancer activity are much reduced if not eliminated completely. The SGN-35 is working! So, so, so, so thrilled and in shock and awe. It's been a rough couple days of scanticipation, which took its toll physically, emotionally and mentally. Now I'm exhausted, but in the good tired smiling way. I'm looking forward to a real, nightmareless sleep tonight.

Happy. Happy. Happy. As happy as this guy:


  1. YES!!!

    Love and Hope,


  2. HALLELUJAH! I'm SO HAPPY for you.

    Sweet dreams...

    Carolyn H.

  3. What incredible news!!!! We've been thinking of you lately and will continue to keep you in our throughs! Sleep well.

  4. Such Great News!!! Enjoy your week-end and sweet, sweet dreams. You're in my thoughts & prayers...Much Love - Karen Jacobs

  5. I just butterflied in my office...only slightly awkward. Great news!

  6. i have chills reading this -- so happy for you!

  7. Awesome news..... I am doing a little happy dance for you right now. I just celebrated my BFF 2nd year SCT b-day last night with her. She went to Sloan yesterday and got really great news as well! I am so glad this treatment is showing results. WIll continue to keep you in our prayers! ~Kristina G.

  8. Congrats, Karin! That is such good news!

  9. Fabulous news, dear one. I can only imagine the joy you're feeling, as it must be the joy I feel multiplied by....a whole whole lot....
    Thank you for sharing your life.

  10. So very happy for you!!!! Prayers continue and they seem to be working! Keep on fighting! God bless!!!!

  11. Thank you God. Please keep it going for this precious girl! Love, Irene

  12. Incredible news Karin!!! So unbelievably thrilled for you!

  13. Woo Hoo!! Congrats and KEEP BELIEVING. Hey, by the way, that one butterfly move by "dance guy" threw me a bit. Unexpected inserted piece of choreography. Jazz hands could've been a bit stronger too, but that's just me. Maybe a jig is the way to go-- it IS coming up on lucky St. Patty's Day after all. And how great is that?)

    Be well and keep it going!

    Lisa F. :)

  14. Amazing, Amazing news, love.
    Not only on the scans, but once again finding your out autonomy, you are so dead on about how important that is -- with having little control over things.

    Here's to new beginnings, squeaky clean scans, uneventuful chemo's and lots more badass moments.

    Sending all my love,

  15. Great News!!! I am super happy this is working for you, my dad is hopefully going to NY soon for this treatment!! Really hope it does the same for him.

  16. This is such fabulous news!! So happy for you.