Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tuesday/Friday Blog Schedule Announcement

Looking forward. 
Starting this coming Tuesday, June 26, I'll be blogging every Tuesday and Friday on a regular schedule. The challenge and pressure of making this happen will do me good. I'm a deadline girl (and seasoned procrastinator), so why not create a rigid deadline for one the things I enjoy doing most? Here goes.

This will be challenging no doubt, but the only way to become better at anything is to practice the art, right? So I must write. The goal is to take this Tuesday/Friday gig through the end of 2012, then reassess. I've put it out the public now, so I have to deliver. I'm sure the blog will continually evolve in post topic and length, in focus and style, and I look forward to seeing where we end up together – you know, me and my peeled eyes.

This hefty blogging commitment was spurred from a few deeply moving comments and compliments I've received over the past few months. Most amazingly, I got a blog comment from a woman in Ireland who told me how much reading my blog has helped her to help her best friend who is currently undergoing treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma. The thought of that worldwide connectedness is just what I needed to kick my rear into gear. I have many gaps to fill about my spring and summer adventures and many new stories to write and topics to ponder on. I hope you'll come along with me on the journey.

Catch ya on Tuesday!


  1. Yay! I'm thrilled to know that I'll be able to read Karin on a regular basis. I was having withdrawal pains there for a while. Karin = Writer!
    Happy birthdays to you and Craig.

  2. Thank you for sharing , I look forward to some great summer reading about your adventures on the river. Great celebrating 3 birthdays for 2 Diamonds last week. You saved me from 50 shades of....thanks

  3. I'm so glad you'll be blogging regularly. I've been following your blogging since the beginning of your journey & your courage & tenacity amaze me. My BFF's niece had her own battle with Lymphoma,,diagnosed when she was 7 months pregnant with her first child. (I've "pinned" your blog on my Pinterest page.)

  4. I'm looking forward to reading your blog twice a week! Woo hoo! Happy Birthday to you and Craig.
    Kate and Paul

  5. Not only do you have fans in Ireland but also down the street from you in Hartford! (Mom of young adult Hodgkin's survivor) Looking forward to your posts and sending you good wishes!

  6. We are SO with you Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Looking forward to the blogs Karin :)

  8. Glad to read you're doing so well! I am a nurse and I have learned a lot from reading your column. It really helps me take better care of my patients.
    Sincerely, always learning RN