Friday, December 17, 2010

Post-Scan Update

I had my much anticipated PET and CT Scans yesterday. Last night around 8pm, I got a call from my Sloan oncologist with the results. The later and later it got to be in the evening, the more I knew that it wasn't good news. My scan was not clear.

The areas that showed as hot spots (denoting likely cancer activity) in my scan two months ago have shrunk some, but are still lighting up with activity. What's more concerning is that there are some new hot spots on the vertebrate of my spine and on my left rib.

I've been experiencing tremendous pain in my very upper left leg with shooting pains all the way down my leg on and off for about five days now. I also have a lot of pain and inflammation in my upper right back, which has lasted a while.

Because of these symptoms and the hot spots on the scan, my doctor ordered an emergency MRI so that we can immediately assess what is going on. So, Craig and I drove back to Sloan today and now I am here in the urgent care center waiting to get the scan done. The MRI test will be able to more accurately reveal what is happening and will be more definitive as to whether it is cancer.

If in fact it is cancerous lymph nodes pressing on nerves, I'll be admitted today and we'll start radiation to those spots immediately as permanent weakness and irreparable damage can be caused if we let it grow. If it is some fluke, then hopefully I can go home today.

Whatever it is, I'll find out by later this afternoon. I'm deeply disappointed that the Bendamustine isn't working as expected. I'm very tired and very anxious, but we're keeping entertained and holding onto hope.


  1. Stay positive Karin! Thoughts are with you today.

  2. Just in case an additional boost is needed, I would like to add my thoughts and prayers to your recovery as well. Wishing I could do more.

  3. thinking of you and hoping you get home tonight

  4. You are in my heart and prayers tonight, dear precious girl. I pray that you were able to go home, and that everything went well. Sending much love to you. Irene

  5. YOU will WIN! Positive thoughts, healing, and prayers are being sent NOW! Hang in there and never NEVER underestimate the power of YOU, Do NOT listen to the negativity but the clarity that it will dissipate and YOU will CONQUER. xoxo

  6. Hi Karin,

    Im praying for you.