Thursday, May 21, 2009

Constant Companion, Addendum

I guess we're not the only ones that realize the healing powers of dogs. This morning Craig stepped outside on the porch and there was a UPS package labeled "Sammy." She got her own special delivery! A care package full of specialty doggie treats like dog popcorn, a delicious bone, a "luscious" carob bar and even a Doggie Brew bottle of dog beer. In it was a note from Craig's principal and several fellow teachers:

"Dear Sammy, 
Take good care of Mommy and Daddy, and enjoy your treats." 

Signed by his "Aunties." 

So adorable. She couldn't have earned it more. 


  1. Such a neat gift idea! Enjoy, Sammy : )


  2. We think Sammy should share. :o)
    We may be old, but we still love a little doggy brew!
    Love, Tiffy and Lizzie