Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sweaty Kid

Worst night sweats to date last night. I woke up twice during the night soaked like I had just biked 50 miles. Disgusting. I guess we'll have to change the sheets---again. The worst part is I still can't shower for another day. Things are getting pretty ripe. 

Bizarre dreams as well. I was scuba diving, but in Antarctica under so much ice. The whole group I was with was far ahead of me but I couldn't fit through the ice doorways they had cut to pass through. I scratched and hacked at the sides of these ice arches to try and scrape them wide enough for me to get through. I could see everyone far ahead of me; they had already passed easily through several ice arches but I was stuck. The weirdest part? Despite the ice; it was so warm in the spot that I was, like jacuzzi-warm and I thought, I guess I should just stay here and take some pictures, but I couldn't find my camera ... 

Talk about symbolism, or Motrin-induced hallucinations.  

Now I do something I don't think I'll ever get the hang of: more waiting. Just a few more hours until the hematologist's office opens and hopefully I get some news. At least I have Sammy to hang out with. Usually she has strict orders not to come on the couch. We tell her, "Couches are for humans and you are not a human." But yesterday and today I told her we can make an exception because I'm waiting on some big news. And she's been cuddled up to me ever since. Nothing beats a four-legged friend. She's so comforting and yet I don't even have to talk to her, she just knows exactly when I need a wet kiss and a nuzzle. 

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  1. Animals are a great comfort, aren't they? I'm glad you've got Sammy. Sending some positive energy your way.